Subscription forms are a convenient and straightforward way for subscribers to provide their information to you. You can also tailor your subscription form to request information in order to target groups and personalize emails. Create a form that is tailored to your needs using your Tailwind dashboard.

Helpful Tip: Requesting too much information from your contacts may lead to less interest in subscribing.

Here's how to create a subscription form in your dashboard:

1. Select the Forms tab in the top navigation bar:

2. Click + Create New Form:

3. Name your form and assign a default list, then click Continue:

4. You'll now need to choose the opt-in policy Tailwind will apply when contacts submit this new form. We suggest sending a double opt-in to increase engagement.

5. You'll now be able to either grab a direct link to the form or an HTML code to embed on your website.

Linked Form

  • Click Copy URL to grab the direct link to your form:

  • Customize the form by clicking Edit Form:

Embedded Form

  • Select Get code to grab the code to embed on your website:

  • Click Edit Form to customize your form:

Edit your form

Make sure to edit and customize your form before you add it to your website!

  • Choose Header size for title -- there are six size options available.

  • In the Paragraph section, describe the type of communication that will be sent. For example, emails on a weekly or monthly basis, sign-up codes, promo codes, etc.

  • You can include Custom Attributes

  • Email and Subscription buttons will be added by default.

  • Select a hidden attribute for cases where you want to populate segments by default.

Three or four fields should suffice here -- remember, you don't want to ask for too much information from your subscribers.

Click on the pencil icon to edit an element, the double square to duplicate, or the trash can icon to delete an element:

Your subscription form is ready! πŸŽ‰

Have more questions or need help? Contact our Customer Success Team using the question mark icon in your dashboard, or email us at [email protected].

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