Welcome to Tailwind

Here for the first time? See how Tailwind can help with tools, analytics, and scheduling for Pinterest, Instagram and marketing with Tailwind Communities.

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Tailwind Create

Learn how to create eye-catching content with Tailwind Create

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Account Management

Find Articles on making changes to your Tailwind Dashboard, including adding accounts!

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Publishing through Tailwind

Get answers to your questions about how to publish to your social networks with Tailwind.

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Learn how to use Tailwind to manage your email marketing campaigns.

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Mobile Publishing

Get started using Tailwind's Mobile Apps today!

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Answers about Pricing and Making changes to your Paid Plan

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Tailwind Communities

Pinning is better together! Learn all about Tailwind Communities here.

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Publishing for Pinterest

Get answers to your questions about Tailwind for Pinterest

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Publishing for Instagram

Learn the ins and outs of using Tailwind for Instagram

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Learn about using one of Tailwind's smartest features, SmartLoop, to re-share your best content at the best times.

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Marketing Plans

Learn how to use Co-Pilot Marketing Plans

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