If you've just moved over to a new website, changed clients or a Pinterest username, then you'll want to also update your website domain within Tailwind. This way when we go to pull data from your Pinterest account for Monitor Your Domain, the websites match both within Tailwind and on Pinterest.

  1. Go to your Account Settings (located in the settings menu in the top right hand navigation). 

2. Click into the text box where the current website is listed and enter the new website. 

  • Your website domain must be claimed on Pinterest in order to be tracked! 

  • Core domains only, no trailing slashes  (e.g. ending in ".com" or ".co.uk")

  • "http://" and "www" not required.

  • Only domains or subdomains can be tracked.


Trackable: macys.com, yoursite.tumblr.com
Not Trackable: etsy.com/shop/mystore, macys.com/mens-clothing

**Please note that at this time, Tailwind can only track websites claimed using meta tags or an HTML file uploaded to the website's HTML code. Tracking is not yet available for other claimed account types such as Etsy, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. 

3. Don't forget to Save Changes!

Note: Your website must be claimed on Pinterest in order to be tracked! Learn More from Pinterest's Help Site. 

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