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How do I manage my email contacts list?
How do I manage my email contacts list?

Manage contact information to keep your list organized.

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You can update your contacts list at any time, for example, adding an attribute like a birthday to target a specific recipient. You can also unsubscribe, delete, or add contacts to your suppression list.

Sometimes you may need to manually remove contacts to maintain a clean list, while others may just need their contact information updated.

Here's how to edit your contacts to manage them more efficiently. 📋

1. Select the Contacts tab in the top navigation of your email marketing tab:

2. Choose the list you'd like to edit:

3. Use the Search by email address bar to locate the contact you'd like to edit:

4. Click the three horizontal dots in the contact line and select Edit:

From this menu, you can also unsubscribe contacts, add them to your suppression list, or permanently delete them. To learn more about the difference between unsubscribing and deleting a contact, click here.

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