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Scheduling to Multiple Networks At Once
Scheduling to Multiple Networks At Once

Schedule posts and Pins to any social profiles connected to your Tailwind account with just a few clicks.

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Want to save time by scheduling multiple Pins or posts at once, or scheduling all of your content for the week for your social accounts? Look no further than your Tailwind dashboard!

Uploading Content

1. Head to the new Homepage by selecting the Home icon in the left navigation of your dashboard, then select Upload or Create Posts. You can also upload media from the Drafts tab:

You'll be given the option to Upload Media or Create Posts through Tailwind Create. If you want to design posts using Tailwind Create for multiple networks, here's a helpful article on how to do so.

To schedule content to multiple networks, drag and drop images straight into your Tailwind dashboard or click under Upload media to browse the files on your computer:

If your image/video is outside the allowed aspect ratio for Instagram or Pinterest, Tailwind will give you a warning message.

2. Select all of the platforms where you would like to schedule that piece of content. Note: after this time, you will be unable to move drafts between connected social accounts.

3. Once you've selected the platform(s), you will be taken to the quick scheduler to add captions/descriptions using Ghostwriter, cross-post to different platforms, and choose a time to post.

Scheduling to Multiple Networks at Once

From the Drafts Library, select any drafts you would like to schedule by hovering over the image and selecting the check box in the top left corner. When you hover over the image, the name of the social account will display:

Filter your drafts by post type or social account using the Filter options on the left-hand side of your screen:

Once you’ve made all your selections in the Drafts library, click Bulk Schedule at the bottom of your screen:

You will then be able to edit each individual Pin and post.

For Instagram, make sure to include a caption and hashtags before selecting your post time and your post method!

For Pinterest, add a title, description, Board, and source URL to your Pin before scheduling.

Make sure to select Schedule Post when you are finished editing the details of each post:

You can view scheduled posts and Pins for all of your social accounts on the schedule on your Home page:

You can read more in this article about how to manage your queues for multiple social accounts at once.

Alternatively, you will also see the option to Cross post to your other networks from the individual Instagram or Pinterest post


Not seeing the option to cross-post in the draft?

  1. Make sure that you have an Instagram Professional Business account and auto-posting enabled. Crossposting will not work with Professional Creator or Personal accounts.

  2. Ensure that your Instagram is connected to your Facebook page. Instagram requires you to connect to a Facebook page in order to crosspost & auto-post

  3. Confirm that you are trying to crosspost an image. Unfortunately, you will not be able to crosspost carousel posts or videos

Not seeing all networks listed in the draft?

  • At this time, you can only crosspost from Instagram to Facebook & Pinterest or from Pinterest to Facebook. This is due to the aspect ratios required for each platform

Do you have more questions? You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by clicking the blue question mark in the bottom left corner of your Tailwind dashboard. 😃

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