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Why can’t I find the plan that offers unlimited Pins or Posts?
Why can’t I find the plan that offers unlimited Pins or Posts?

Learn more about Tailwind’s Legacy Plus Plans and how our new pricing compares.

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If you’ve heard of Tailwind in the past, you might have heard about our Legacy Plus Plans. Unlike Tailwind’s current pricing, these plans did not limit the number of Pins or Posts you could publish each month. However, you had to pay for each social account that you wanted to use with Tailwind by upgrading it to Plus.

With more than one social account, the Legacy Plus Plans could quickly add up in price making it inconvenient to market to multiple social platforms through Tailwind.

Our new Max Plan combines the power of the Legacy Plus Plan for both Instagram and Pinterest at one convenient price -- no more paying per social account!

The Max Plan includes scheduling and publishing for six social profiles -- three Instagram profiles and three Pinterest profiles! You can schedule an unlimited amount of Posts and Pins per month across these six social accounts for one convenient price.

You also receive unlimited access to our Tailwind Create and Tailwind Communities features, making creating content and connecting with other Tailwind members a breeze.

You can read more about our Max Plan, and our other plan options, on our Pricing Page.

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