If you can't find a post you scheduled for either Pinterest or Instagram, there are a few things you might check.

Failed Post/Pin

First, head over to your Scheduled page on the left-hand side of the dashboard to make sure that the post didn't fail to publish. If there was a failure, you'll see a red triangle above and to the right of your other scheduled posts. Click on the triangle to see why it failed.

Here you can see there was a pin that failed. Click on it to show which pin and the reason why it failed. This same process applies to Instagram, too.

Sometimes a post can fail for a few reasons -- a couple being either a bad link (Pinterest) or invalid aspect ratio (Instagram). You can learn more about specific reasons why posts may fail on Instagram or why a Pin may fail on Pinterest

Scheduled for the Wrong Time

Once you've checked that the post didn't fail, the next thing you might look for is that it didn't accidentally get scheduled for the wrong time -- which happens occasionally. You can check for this on that same Scheduled page that's used to find failed posts. 

Published Page

If you can't find any failed posts, and it doesn't look like it was scheduled for the wrong time, your next move should be to double-check and make sure that the post didn't get published by going to your Published page (located under the Scheduled page). Sometimes posts can get lost among all the others, and checking this page is a good way to make sure it really didn't go out. You can look for the exact time and date that the post was scheduled for. 

Helpful tip: On the Published page, you can search for a post/pin by keywords like the hashtags or descriptions you used. Just look for the search box near the top of the page that says "Search for anything." 

Missed Notification (Instagram) 

If you use your phone for scheduling, and you get iOS notifications or SMS messages when it's time to post, then sometimes if you missed the notification or don't post when prompted, the post will hang out in the Scheduled page on the desktop app or in the Calendar tab on iOS. You can also learn more about what to do with missed iOS notifications

If you did miss the notification, all you need to do is reschedule the post from the SMS message, the Calendar tab if you're using the iPhone app, or the desktop app. 

If you're using SMS messages but don't seem to be getting them, one of these reasons could be the cause.

Tried to post multiple images

During the notification processes, ​the caption and images will be saved to your phone. The image(s) will be saved to your photos library and the caption/hashtags will be saved to the clipboard.

As you proceed, you'll be prompted to open up Instagram to post. You'll want to make sure and select to upload a carousel post in Instagram and then choose the additional images from your phone's photos library. Then, once you get to the caption, you'll want to tap and paste in the empty box to paste the caption from the clipboard onto the caption field.

If you happen to lose the post, check your photos library and tap to paste the caption that should be saved to your clipboard.

Still can't find it?

If you've checked all of these options and are still unable to find your post, send us a message and we'd be happy to try and locate it for you! 

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