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How Do I Use the Homepage to Publish Carousel Posts to Instagram?
How Do I Use the Homepage to Publish Carousel Posts to Instagram?

Want to know how to post multi-image sets with Tailwind's Carousel feature? Read more here!

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Note: You can now Auto Post image sets to Instagram! πŸŽ‰ You can still use the SMS Notification method as well.

Uploading a post

1. First, visit your Homepage and your Drafts page. On either page, click Upload or Create Post.

2. Upload your multiple images and check the box at the bottom to select "Create Carousel Post".

Note: You can also upload multiple images by clicking the + sign on the Instagram feed post to add additional photos or videos.

Tip: You can add up to 10 images or videos per multi-image post.

3. After your images upload, you will be able to drag and drop images in the post to adjust the order of images.

3. Add your caption and hashtags.

Remember, your Carousel post will now use the Auto Post method or the SMS Notification method.

What do I do next for Auto Post?

Once you have scheduled your carousel via auto post you won't have to do anything else. Your post should automatically appear on your Instagram at the scheduled time!

What do I do on my phone once it's time to post a SMS Reminder?

When it's time to post your Story, you'll get a SMS notification on your mobile device. Once you receive the SMS message, follow the steps in this article to publish your Story: How Do I Use Post Reminder for Instagram?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did only a single image appear when I got a notification?

  • Due to the way push notifications work, the additional images will be saved to your phone's photo library. Once you get taken to Instagram, you can then select those additional images when you create a Carousel post.

Why did my caption disappear?

  • When opening up Instagram during the "Post Now" process, the caption will get saved to the phone's clipboard. From here, you can tap inside the "Caption" area in the Instagram app and paste the saved caption.

Where did all the other features go when making posts?

  • If you're looking for features like adding hashtags in the first comment, tagging other users, or adding a location, those features are only available with single posts that use auto-post.

Have any other questions? Get in touch with our Customer Success team at [email protected]!

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