Note: This article is for the new Tailwind Instagram Planner app. If you haven't yet downloaded the new app, get it here on iOS or Android!

You can now post carousel-style image/video sets to Instagram on the Tailwind mobile app using the Post Notification method! 🎉

Note: Carousel posting is not available for Auto Post.

There are three different ways you can start your carousel-style post:

  • Select the photo(s) from your phone's photo library to upload to the app

  • Tap the Upload Drafts button on the "Drafts" tab

  • On the "Schedule" tab, tap an empty time slot to upload media

In this example, we'll use the Upload Drafts button on the "Drafts" page. From here, you can select Upload Drafts and upload one of the photos you want to use for your carousel-style post.

Note: If you select more than one photo to upload, make sure to choose the Carousel option if you'd like them all to be in the same Carousel Post:

From here, you can select Add More Images and select up to 10 images to make up your carousel post or go to the "Arrange Carousel Post" screen where you can drag-and-drop the images in any order you like!

Now that you have your carousel-style images in order, you can begin adding your caption, hashtags, and select the time that you would like to get your notification to post!

Remember, your carousel post will use post a Push Notification, as this won't work for the Auto Post Method. 👍

What do I do on my phone once it's time to post?

On iPhone:

  • Once you're in Instagram, choose to post to Feed, then select the "Carousel" option which looks like a stacked card icon in the lower right-hand corner.

  • Then, just select the images that got saved to your phone from Tailwind, click Next to add filters, choose to share to Facebook or other social accounts, and finally, tap in the empty caption field to paste the caption/hashtags from your clipboard before hitting Share to send to your feed!

On Android:

  • After hitting Post Now you'll be taken to your IG Profile page where you will need to select the square at the top with the + in the middle to open up your photos.

  • Next, you'll choose Feed Post option, the click the icon of stacked images in the lower right corner (see image above) and then tap each of the carousel photos that were saved to your phone's photos. Finish adding any final touches and tap in the empty caption field to paste the caption/hashtags from your clipboard before hitting Share to post!


Why did only a single image appear when I got a notification?

  • Due to the way push notifications work, the additional images will be saved to your phone's photo library. Once you get taken to Instagram, you can then select those additional images when you create a Carousel post.

Why did my caption disappear?

  • When opening up Instagram during the "Post Now" process, the caption will get saved to the phone's clipboard. From here, you can tap inside the "Caption" area in the Instagram app and paste the saved caption.

Where did all the other features go when making posts?

  • If you're looking for features like adding hashtags in first comment, tagging other users, cross-posting to Facebook/Pinterest, or adding a location, those features are only available with single posts that use auto post.

Have any questions? Send us a message via the questions mark icon in the dashboard or via email at [email protected] and we'd be happy to chat! 😃

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