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How do I edit email templates with the email designer?
How do I edit email templates with the email designer?

Create eye-catching email campaigns and accomplish any goal -- without having to write your own code!

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While the existing email templates can help you get started, you'll want to customize each template to your audience and business for more success. You can do this using the email designer, where you can quickly add and remove sections, test different colors and fonts, and more -- all from a single window!

The email designer is the main editing tool you will use to create your email template. It is divided into three tabs -- Settings, Rows, and Content.

With the email designer, you can also:


Your Settings set the tone for your full campaign, and there are many options for you to consider:

  • Content area width (we recommend not going beyond 600 pixels)

  • Content area alignment. (Left or Center)

  • Background color

  • Content area background color

  • Default font

  • Link color


Before you can add any content to your campaign, you'll have to choose a Row. The Rows section is filled with different component structures.

Before adding any content to your campaign, you need to choose a row. The Rows section consists of a variety of component structures.

Scroll and choose the one you want to use, then drag and drop the row anywhere in the campaign. Test out your options to see what works best for your template!

Editing Rows

1. Move / Remove/ Duplicate a row: Reposition, remove or duplicate a section of your template.

To move a section up or down within the template, select the row that you need to reposition to access its repositioning menu. In the positioning menu, click on the crossed arrows found on the left and drag and drop to move your selected row.

To remove a section, in the positioning menu click on the trash can icon found on the right to delete the row:

To duplicate a row, click on the double window button found on the right, next to the trash can icon:

To Edit a row, select the desired drow and access the Properties menu in the right-hand side of the designer. Here you can control:

  • Row background color

  • Content background color

  • Do not stack on mobile

  • Row background image

  • Customize column

  • Display condition

  • Hide on Desktop/Mobile

  • Customize columns

  • Column background

  • Padding

  • Borders


Now that you have the rows in your campaign set up, you can decide what content to include! You can add the following content options to rows:

  • Text

  • Image

  • Button

  • Divider

  • Social Media

  • HTML

  • Video

  • Icons

Each piece of content is editable within its own block. Just drag and drop the content piece into a row to get started.

To create the perfect campaign, be sure to experiment with all the options within the designer. There is almost no limit to what this tool can do!

Revert to a previous version of a campaign

Don't like the changes you made? Don't worry -- you can restore an earlier version of your email campaign.

In the designer, click on the clock icon in the bottom left of your campaign. You can then choose a specific action to reverse.

Preview Mode

Want to know how your campaign will look to your audience? You can Preview your campaign in both desktop and mobile views by clicking the eye icon at the top right of the designer.

Make sure to test your content on both platforms to make sure it looks good!

Reset or discard your campaign, or save it as a template

Do you love your design? Save it as a template! Don't like the work you've done? You can also reset your campaign back to the base template or discard all of your changes and start over.

If you would like to choose one of these options, click on the arrow button found on the top right part of the screen. You can learn more about saving templates here.

Edit campaign details

Are you satisfied with your campaign and ready to send?

Click Continue in the top right corner of the designer. The Campaign Details section will appear. Choose your audience, the email subject line and sender, and even program the delivery time. Just remember to test the email thoroughly before clicking Send! โœ‰๏ธ

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