Note: This article is for the new Tailwind Instagram Planner app. If you haven't yet downloaded the new app, get it here on iOS or Android!

Creating a New Post

The first screen that you'll be taken to when you open the app is the Posts screen.

  • Drafts - top left tab: Upload and edit draft posts from here

  • Schedule - top right tab: See currently scheduled posts and post that have already been published to your Feed!

  • + Upload Drafts - bottom center: Upload images or photos from your phone

You can also upload media to a specific time slot in your schedule. Just go to Schedule in the top right tab, then tap on an empty time slot --- keep in mind uploading a post to an empty time slot this way will actually schedule it for that time.

See photo and video requirements here:

Requirements for photos

Requirements for video

Editing Your Posts

Once you've uploaded your content, you can then tap a post to begin editing it.

  • Add a caption and hashtag -- find out more about hashtags!

  • Add a location (only available with Auto Post)

  • Post your hashtags in the first comment (only available with Auto Post)

  • Select a Post Type: Push Notification or Auto Post

  • Choose a Date and Time

Post Type:

If you want Tailwind to publish your posts for you, you'll need to set up Auto Post for each Instagram profile that you've added to your Tailwind account. Setting it up is easy and just takes a few minutes.

Simply head over to the Settings tab at the bottom right, then select Set up Autopost.

If you don't want to set up Auto Post, the Push Notification method will send you a message at the schedule time for the post to go out. Stories and Carousel Posts can only be scheduled with Push Notifications.

Setting a custom time:

You can also select the clock icon in the top right corner to choose a custom time:

Changing the Time for Scheduled Posts

After you've scheduled your post(s), you'll be able to see any future outgoing content as well as previously posted content in the Schedule tab in the top-right corner.

Want to change the time a post is scheduled for? No problem!

  • Tap the post in the grid you want to change

  • Tap the Post Scheduled field

  • Select another time slot for the post

  • Confirm with the blue Schedule button

Congrats! Your post is now ready to go! 🎉

If you have any other questions, use the Get Help button in Settings or email us at [email protected].

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