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How to add your URL to Instagram
How to add your URL to Instagram

Learn how to add your link to your Instagram profile in three easy steps.

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There are only a few steps involved with getting your link added to your Instagram bio!

From the Manage Page tab on the page you will see the unique link that we created just for you based on your Instagram handle!

1. Click Copy on the page to grab your unique link.

2. Navigate to your Instagram profile on the mobile app. Visit Settings > Edit Profile > Links > Add external link

3. Post the copied link in the URL text field. (Optional: Change the Title field to the text that you want to be displayed on your Instagram profile)

Helpful Tip: You can only have one URL in your Instagram bio. If you still want to direct people to your website create a button! 

Have more questions or need help? Contact our Customer Success Team using the question mark icon in the bottom left corner of your dashboard, or email us at [email protected].

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