Struggling with getting your Instagram followers to visit your website? Why not try a FREE link in bio tool they can't resist? 🤩

Introducing by Tailwind, the most advanced linking tool now available on the market! 🎉

What You’ll love About

  • Drives your viewers to your most important content through static links featured prominently at the top

  • Automatically updates your page with new post links as soon as they go live on Instagram (when you schedule posts with Tailwind for Instagram)

  • Fully customizable, with a custom title, clean page design, and button link colors that can be changed to any color you choose

  • Offers customizable calls to action underneath each post image

  • Advanced analytics


Don't have yet and want to give it a try? Get for FREE!

Already have Visit in your Tailwind Dashboard now!

Add unlimited call-to-action buttons at the top of your page so your audience can easily find the most important info about your business.

Instagram Post Links

There are two ways to add links to drive traffic from individual Instagram posts:

1. Add links to your previously published posts to go live right away.

2. Or, add links to your Tailwind drafts or scheduled posts and your page will update when the post goes live. 🎉

Customize Your

Make your page stand out with custom button text and colors so your page becomes seamless with your brand! 🎨

Want to learn even more about how to use to promote your content on Instagram? Check out our blog post, 5 Clever Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts on Instagram!

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