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Can I Publish my Instagram Posts to a Facebook Page?
Can I Publish my Instagram Posts to a Facebook Page?

Grow your audience by sharing your Instagram images on Facebook.

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Did you ever wish you could be in two places at once? Well, maybe you can't, but at least your Instagram Posts can! When using Auto Post with Tailwind for Instagram, you can schedule images to also publish to your Facebook page.

Please note that Facebook cross-posting will work for single-photo posts scheduled with Auto Post only.

Here’s how to publish your scheduled Instagram images to Facebook with Auto Post:

1. Create your draft post in Tailwind as usual and set the posting method to Auto Post.

2. Under Cross Post to your other networks, select Facebook Page.

3. Choose the Facebook page you would like to publish to and enter an optional Facebook Page Post description.

Helpful Tip: Your Instagram caption will not be included in your Facebook Page Post, so if you want to include any text on Facebook, please include it here.

4. Click “Save changes” and schedule as normal!

When the scheduled time comes, your image will be published to Instagram along with your caption, hashtags, and any user tags or location tags you set. At the same time, it will also be published to your Facebook page along with the Facebook Page Post description that you entered! 🎉

If you'd like to modify your post description or change the Facebook Page to publish to, just click the pencil icon to the right of the Facebook Page name. 

Have more questions or need help? Contact our Customer Success Team using the question mark icon in the bottom left corner of your dashboard, or email us at [email protected].

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