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Can my friend manage or post for me on my account?
Can my friend manage or post for me on my account?

Virtual Assistants can have their own login without seeing your billing information to help you schedule content.

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Can my coworker have access to my account with their own login? Sure! We call those "Collaborators". A collaborator is anyone you'd like to share your dashboard with: clients, managers, and the rest of your team.

When you add a collaborator, that person gets their own login information so that they can check on the brand's progress any time they'd like. The collaborator will be able to see ALL additional brands that have been added to the account.

Important: Collaborators are only available on a paid plan. Upgrade to add a collaborator to your account.

How to Add a Collaborator

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the upper-right corner of your Tailwind dashboard and select "Team / Collaborators"

2. Click the first open row titled ‘Invite a Collaborator’ in the center of the screen.

3. Type in the First Name, Last Name, and Email address of the person who will be collaborating on your account and click, "Invite Collaborator"

4. Click "OK" on the pop-up box to accept the collaborator will have access to all the accounts.

5. Once the collaborator has been invited, the row should appear orange with " Pending Invitation", letting you know that an email invitation to collaborate on your account has been sent. It will turn Green once the collaborator has accepted.

Expert Tip: Did you get an error message that says that the email already exists? See also: I can't add a collaborator because the email already exists

Available Collaborator's Permissions

Role (Admin or Viewer)

Admin Collaborators will have FULL privileges on your dashboard, including the ability to:

  • Change plans

  • Change billing details

  • Add extra Accounts and Collaborators

  • Adjust any other setting

Viewer Collaborators can see your dashboard exactly like you do but DO NOT have privileges to make any of the changes listed above.

Publisher Role (Admin or Draft Editor)

Admins will have FULL privileges in the Publisher tool, including the ability to:

  • Edit and schedule posts

  • Change your posting schedule

  • Approve posts to add them to your queue

  • Submit to Communities

Draft Editors can see your queue and posting schedule exactly like you do, but DO NOT have privileges to make any of the changes listed above. They can create and edit draft posts but must submit them for approval. 

Helpful Tip: By default invited collaborators will be given a ‘Draft Editor’ publishing role.

Do you have more questions? You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by clicking the blue question mark in the bottom right corner of your Tailwind dashboard.

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