How do I crop my images?

Learn how to crop your image during the media upload

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  1. From the homepage, click Upload or Create a Post and add your images in the Upload media section - by drag and drop or browse

  2. Once the image is uploaded, you can select which platform you would like to publish to - Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. Select the platform and click on the crop icon in the upper-left corner of the draft image

  3. Adjust the bars on the top, sides, and corners of the image to crop it to your liking, then click Save

If you don't manually choose the cropped view when uploading a post to Instagram, you'll see an alert letting you know that the suggested ratio is not correct. We will automatically crop the image for you in a 4:5 ratio

Please note: Cropping your image must be done during this step of the upload process. There is no way to crop the image later once it has been uploaded as a draft.

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