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Why Am I Not Seeing Original Publisher or Smartloop?
Why Am I Not Seeing Original Publisher or Smartloop?

How Pinteret's updates have influenced Tailwinds updates and focus.

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Our new Tailwind 2.0 publishing experience has combined all publishing features and integrated new multi-network capabilities! 🎉

The functions previously found under the Publisher tab are now found in the Homepage and Drafts tab!

For more information on how to use the homepage, check out our other knowledge article on How the Homepage Works.

We know that Pinterest has been shifting towards giving more distribution to fresh pins. Pinterest heavily prefers fresh images and new content, so saving or re-sharing old Pins may not work as well for your engagement as it has in the past. When Tailwind members Pin fresh content via Tailwind, it outperforms anything they Pin manually to Pinterest.

You’re not seeing SmartLoop at this time because you’re actually signed up for a new version of Tailwind that’s set up a bit differently than our prior offering. While SmartLoop is still a useful feature for certain businesses or certain use cases, Pinterest doesn’t reward content recycling as much as it once did. Instead, they reward designing fresh, new content, so our new Tailwind plans are focused on helping our members do that with Tailwind Create.

Tailwind Create is quick and easy to use, and you can create and schedule Pins in just a few minutes.

If you haven’t checked out Tailwind Create yet, you can read more about it in the articles below:

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