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How Do I Set Up Auto Post on the Tailwind: Instagram Planner App?
How Do I Set Up Auto Post on the Tailwind: Instagram Planner App?

Learn how to set up auto post to have your posts get published for you automatically to Instagram!

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Note: Our mobile apps will soon be removed from the app store and replaced with our new SMS Reminder notifications

By default, Tailwind will use the Push Notification method to publish your posts. To have them instead go out automatically, follow the steps below!

1. Setting Up An Instagram Business Account

Instagram requires that any account you want to set up with auto post be converted to an Instagram Business Account and connected to a Facebook Page. This a free and easy process, and you get can get started by first heading over to the Settings page, then going to Convert to a Business Account:
​Note: If you have any trouble getting Instagram connected to Facebook, check out tips here.

2. Turning on Auto Post for Your Account

Once you've converted to an Instagram Business Account, you should get a prompt asking to set up Auto Post. Simply follow those steps to get started!

If your Instagram is already a Business Account, this will change to Set up Auto Post:

Woohoo! πŸŽ‰ Now your posts will go out automatically when choosing Auto Post as the post method!

If you have any other questions, use the Get Help button in Settings or email us at [email protected].

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