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How Do I Immediately Add My Pin to Communities?
How Do I Immediately Add My Pin to Communities?

Looking to get your Pins in front of Community members as fast as possible? Check out this article to learn how!

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Pins that don't already exist on Pinterest will need to wait until they are published before they will be added to Communities. This helps to properly give credit to the creator of the Pin.

If your Pin is already on Pinterest, and you want it added to Communities as soon as possible, there are two ways to make this happen:

Pin Inspector

  • You can add the Pin to Communities from the Pin Inspector page in the Insights tab. Look for the Insights tab at the bottom of the left column, then choose Pin Inspector in the top navigation bar.

  • You can sort through the Pins or search for the Pin in the search bar.

  • Note: You will only be given the option to add that post to communities if it was published via Tailwind.

  • Next, you can select the “Add to Communities” button to the right of the Pin.


  • Alternatively, you can add the Pin to Communities via the Tailwind browser extension. Once you have the extension installed, simply head to the Pin on Pinterest, click on it, then click the “Schedule” button to the right of the Pin.

  • Next, select “Add to Community” and choose the Community you’d like to add it to.

  • By scheduling from Pinterest directly, the Pin will carry over the source Pin information when it gets added to Communities!

Success! 🎉 Your Pin should now be submitted to Communities!

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