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Why is my Tailwind dashboard running slowly or not loading?
Why is my Tailwind dashboard running slowly or not loading?

Are you experiencing slowness or 502 timeout errors on your Tailwind dashboard? Find out some common reasons this may be happening here.

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Tailwind can potentially load tens of thousands of different items in your dashboard. To do this, it requires a lot from your browser. Unfortunately, if there is too much content trying to be loaded, it could slow down or crash the browser. If this happens, there may be one or more areas needing adjustment. Here are some common reasons for this problem and ways to improve them.

Too Many Scheduled Pins 

If there is a very high number of scheduled pins, typically in the thousands, there might be some slowdowns. This is because the browser is working very hard to try to load thousands of timeslots/images at once.

Additionally, if there are scheduled pins far out into the future, years even, then this too might cause issues, as all time slots between now and the last-scheduled pin are being loaded. Fortunately, even if the dashboard has problems loading, your pins will still be published!

To address this, you might consider a few options:

  1. Wait until the scheduled pins get published

  2. Add the pins that are scheduled far into the future back to the Drafts page

  3. Delete some pins.

Too Many Draft Posts

Another potential reason why the dashboard could be having issues is if there are a very high number of Draft pins, usually in the thousands. Similar to having too many scheduled pins, it might be worth considering either scheduling or removing some posts. 

Too Many Time Slots

If there are hundreds of time slots per day, this could cause the dashboard to load slowly due to the number of calculations running in the background to generate the schedule.

Learn how to reduce the number of timeslots to increase speed here: How do I generate a new time slot schedule?

Too Many SmartLoop Timeslots or Active SmartLoop Posts

Generally, SmartLoop loads at least 6 weeks into the future. Heading over to the Your Schedule page, if you count how many SmartLoop timeslots are listed for the week and then multiply by 6, the dashboard may have issues loading if the result is above ~15,000. 

Additionally, if there are several thousand Active SmartLoop Posts, this might also cause problems for the browser. There are several variables at play, but generally, reaching above ~10,000 Active SmartLoop Posts might result in errors when trying to load the SmartLoop page. If this is happening, just write to us and we'd be happy to help get you rolling again!

One of the simplest ways to reduce the number of SmartLoop posts is to make sure that the same pin isn't in multiple loops. You might also consider removing boards from pins, removing pins from loops, or deleting loops entirely. 

Too Many Failed Pins

Failed pins usually happen when pins are scheduled to a board that either no longer exists or that you have left. This makes failed pins appear in the Failed/Missed Posts section of your dashboard.

Failed pins seem to cause more slowdowns on the dashboard than other pins, and they're generally an easy first thing to delete in order clear up some memory on the browser. 

Low-end Computer or Unsupported Browser

Tailwind is designed to run on desktop and laptop computers in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Older or lower-spec computers such as Chromebooks may have difficulty running the Tailwind dashboard quickly.

Finally, the issue could be a combination of two or more of the above causes.

If you're still noticing issues, send us an email to [email protected] and we'd be happy to get you back up and running again!

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