Need to re-create a brand new Smart Schedule from scratch? With the Generate New Smart Schedule tool, we'll generate new optimized time slots for you using your Pinterest data to determine when your audience is most likely to be engaged. Choose the number of times you want to post per day on average, and we'll use that number to generate a new weekly schedule for you! However, the number of time slots created per day may not match your preference exactly because we may find that certain days of the week are stronger for your account than others. In that case, we'll create more time slots on those days.

Learn more about our Optimized time slot Data in our Knowledge Base article, "How are Recommended time slots created?"

NOTE: If you have several hundred or thousands of Pins scheduled, it can be challenging to reduce the number of Pins you post per day - especially if you’ve scheduled Pins using locked interval Pins.

If you don’t have any locked scheduled Pins, then adjusting your schedule is simple. However, locked if you have locked Pins, you'll end up with extra time slots after generating a new schedule. We’ll explain how to adjust a schedule without locked Pins first, and then with locked Pins. If you need any help during this process, just message Tailwind's Customer Success team from within the app!

How to generate a new schedule without any locked Pins:

  1. Go to the the Publisher tab (located on the left-hand column). 

2. Next, click Your Schedule in the top navigation bar

3. Once you're in the Your Schedule page, look for the Recreate Schedule button in the box near the top left and click:

4. Enter the amount of time slots you want per day, or how many posts per day to be published and click "Recreate Schedule."  You will have the option to choose if you'd like to Shift previously scheduled Pins to fill in the newly created time slots. Keep in mind, only unlocked posts will be shifted to fill into the time slots generated with your new schedule. Locked posts will not be affected.  (For more information on locked pins, check out our Knowledge Base Article - How do I Lock or Unlock a scheduled pin?)

5. Ta-da! A new schedule has been created for you, easy as that. 


How to generate a new schedule with locked Pins so that you don’t accidentally create a schedule with more Pins per day than intended

First, let’s clarify how locked Pins and schedule recreation works. When you lock a Pin, Tailwind assumes that you never want that Pin’s time to change - no matter what. 

So, imagine you have 10 locked interval Pins scheduled to go out on a day with 50 time slots. If you generate a new schedule with 20 time slots per day on the Your Schedule page, then we’ll fill that day with 20 time slots, but we’ll also keep the 10 locked interval Pins you had previously scheduled - which means that day is now set to publish up to 30 Pins!

You’ll notice these locked Pins now have clock icons in the top corner of their time slots. That means these Pins are going out at custom time slots that are not a part of the repeating weekly schedule you just created. They look like this:

OK, let’s talk about how to handle this.

If you don’t have many locked Pins, you can just unlock them one-by-one by hovering your cursor over the bottom of the time slot and clicking:

Just unlock all of your Pins, and then click the “Fill in Time Slots” button here at the top of your calendar:

This will shift all of your Pins into the next available time slot in your schedule, removing them from the custom time slots with clocks. Other Pins may shift back in the schedule to make room for these new Pins. If you don’t have a lot of locked Pins, this is the easiest process!

If you have several dozen or hundreds of locked interval Pins that go on for months, then it’s going to take a little more work. If there are far too many Pins for you to manually unlock, send a message to our Customer Success team from inside the app - they’ll be able to bulk unlock all Pins in your schedule for you!

Once you’ve got all your Pins unlocked, use the “Fill In Time Slots” button as described above. However, there’s one last issue you could run into if you had a lot of interval Pins scheduled. 

If you’re the type of Pinner who uses a mix of Tailwind’s “Add to Queue” scheduling feature alongside interval Pins, you may have schedule that has every time slot filled for several weeks up until a certain day, like this:

And then you may notice that you have a few interval Pins scheduled every day after this for months in advance. Those days might look kind of like this:

Well, once you have all of these Pins unlocked and you click “Fill In Time Slots,” all of these Pins are going to move all the way up as far into the present as they can in your schedule. This could mean that a Pin which was previously set with a 2 day interval now appears multiple times in a single day!

In order to adjust this, you’ll need to go to the Scheduled Pins page. If you had hundreds of Pins scheduled, you’ll see navigation at the top to jump between pages of scheduled Pins. Click to go to the last page, and scroll down to find these Pins that got bunched up. You’ll either want to send these back to your Drafts page and reschedule them, or you can delete them from your schedule.

After this last bit of tidying, your schedule should be all set! And remember, if you need any help at all during this process, just send a message to the Customer Success team from inside the app!

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