My Dashboard Isn't Working Correctly

If something on your Tailwind dashboard is not working, check out the potential solutions below to help get it resolved!

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Is something not working as you’d expect in the dashboard? Maybe a button isn't doing anything or you get an error when trying to log in. Check out these troubleshooting tips to find a solution!

I Can’t Access My Dashboard

If you’re not able to get into the dashboard and are seeing a "Whoops!" message, there might have been something that went wrong with the connection to your account. To retry with a fresh connection, you can clear the session data in your browser and try logging in again using this link.

Something Doesn’t Look or Work Right on the Dashboard

1) Hard Refresh

To help improve page speed, your browser will sometimes save a cached version of the page you’re visiting. This way, it doesn’t have to load up every piece of content the next time you visit the page.

Unfortunately, sometimes there may be issues with older files that are saved. A hard refresh will request brand new files from the web server for the specific page you’re on and clear the cached version to make sure everything is fresh.

To do a hard refresh:

  • (Mac) Command + Shift + R

  • (Windows) Control + Shift + F5

If this doesn't help, try the following steps below:

2) Try Using a Private Window

If you’re still noticing things not working right, there may be an extension that is interfering with the way that the page is loading. It can sometimes be helpful to try the action(s) that produce the error without any extensions active to see if one of them may be the issue. A private window will deactivate any extensions and allow you to load the page without saved browser files.

To open a new Private window, check in the Settings menu in the upper right corner of your browser and look for Incognito or Private window.

3) Try Using Another Browser

There might be other data stored in the browser that is interfering with the functioning of the page. Try using another browser to load the page and see if that improves the experience. If it helps, you may need to clear some of the data on the browser that's having trouble, following the next step.

Popular browsers include: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge

4) Clear Temporary Browser Files

You can try clearing your cache and/or cookies in case something there is interfering with the functioning of the page.

Note: Clearing temporary data like Cookies may require you to log back into websites.

Check out how to do this on:

5) Check the Network

If nothing has helped yet, there may be something on the network that is causing problems. If there is a firewall or antivirus program running, you might check to make sure there aren't any Tailwind domains being blocked.

Additionally, you might try connecting to a different network such as a hotspot.

My Issue Is Still Not Resolved

If these suggestions don't help, you can reach out to us directly and we'd be happy to take a closer look!

What we will need:

  • A detailed explanation of what is happening

  • Steps that you've taken to reproduce the issue

  • Any screenshots or recordings of the problem to help diagnose -- you can use a tool like Loom to record the problem

  • If possible, it's always helpful to get a screenshot of any errors that show up in your browser's console. You can see how to open up the browser console here: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox

With this helpful information, you can reach out at [email protected] or click the blue question mark in the lower left-hand side of the dashboard to start a message.

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