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Can I make a suggestion for Tailwind?
Can I make a suggestion for Tailwind?

We love our users and we love hearing from them!

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We're always looking to improve our product based on our members feedback and ideas - so thank you so much for taking the time to send us your thoughts! We really appreciate it. 

All of your feedback, comments, and suggestions help us build a better Tailwind. The whole product is based entirely on how we can help you build your business and support you as best we can, and we're always open to your ideas and suggestions!

Share your feedback with us!

  1. Click the blue circle with a question mark at the bottom left corner of your Tailwind Dashboard:

2. Click the blue Message Us button.

3. Share your feedback with us here! You can also share screenshots and images in using the paperclip icon.

We read every comment and discuss them with the rest of the team, and they will be considered for the product roadmap and future releases.


Now you can message us in our mobile apps!

For the Tailwind app:

Simply click the blue question mark in the bottom left corner.

For Tailwind for Instagram:

Go to your settings in the bottom right corner and click "Contact Support".

Helpful Tip:
You can also contact us at [email protected] if you prefer to use email!

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