Tailwind offers two programs to incentivize sharing our tool with others. We have an affiliate program and a referral program, which work differently from one another.

To put it simply, the affiliate program is run through Impact and gives you cash, whereas the referral program gives you and the person you shared Tailwind with a $15 credit, or a month free, of Tailwind.

So, to give a tangible example, let's say 20 people signed up and upgraded to the Monthly Plus plan and 10 signed up and upgraded to the Annual Plan using your free $15 gift Referral URL. That breakdown would be:

  • Referral program: $450 in Tailwind credit, or 3 3/4 years of Tailwind

  • Affiliate program: $45 a month for the monthly plans ($540/year if no one cancels); $179.80 for the annual plans

You can find your referral link in your dashboard and apply for the affiliate program here.

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