Uh-oh! Were you removed from a Tribe you had joined? We're so sorry to hear that! This could have happened for a variety of reasons. 

Tribes are independently managed by Tailwind members, just like you. This means that the Tribe Owner and Tribe admins can set their own rules, and also manage their Tribe Members based on their own criteria.

Learn more about the different roles of a Tribe in our Knowledge Base article: What's the difference between a Tribe Owner and Tribe Admin?

When you are removed from a Tribe you don't receive a notification, unfortunately. You can be removed from Tribes by a Tribe admin at any time and this can happen for a variety of reasons, not necessarily related to the the quality of your content or share activity (for example, when the Tribe owner closes the Tribe). If you don't meet the rules, or Pin content that the Tribe admins think may be unsuitable for the group they may decide to remove you. Ultimately the decision lies with the Tribe admins so it's best to make sure you're doing all you can to meet the requirements and always share more than you post and share high-quality content.

We're sorry to hear that things didn't work out with your Tribe! Remember that you can easily make a Tribe of your own and set your own rules, or you can find another Tribe to join that is a better fit for you and your content!

Are you interested in starting your own Tribe? Check out our Knowledge Base articles: How do I create a Tribe? and How to add and edit Tribe rules.

Want to preview your next Tribe before you join? Check out our Knowledge Base article: Can I preview a Tribe before I join it?

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