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How do I make someone an Admin of my Community?
How do I make someone an Admin of my Community?

Get a little help managing your Community by adding Community Admins.

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There are three different roles within Communities: Community Owners, Admins and Community Members. Although every role is important, Admins can help you curate and edit content as well as manage Community members. Learn how to make someone an Admin with these simple steps.

  1. Go to the Communities page (located in the pop-out menu in the left hand navigation).

2. Select "Invite New Member."

3. Invite a new member via email, copying a link or Facebook Invite. At the bottom of the Invitation box, select the small check-box that says "Promote Invited Member to be a "Community Admin."

Helpful tip: Check out this article to learn more about how to invite new members. "

5. When the user accepts the invitation to your Community, they will have Admin permissions and there will be a badge next to their name.

At the moment, there is not a way to promote a current member to an Admin. However, the Tailwind team is currently working on this, and should have this functionality available soon. ย 

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