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How Does Tailwind Ads Work?
How Does Tailwind Ads Work?
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Tailwind Ads is a new ads management platform that’s easy to use and applies marketing best practices and AI to take the heavy-lifting off your shoulders and help you get the most out of your ads budget. Here’s a quick overview of how Tailwind Ads works.

1. Initial Setup Complete

When you first get started with Tailwind Ads, we’ll ask you a bit about your business, products, budget, and what you hope to get out of Tailwind Ads.

Next, you’ll connect the Meta Ads account and FB Page you want to use with Tailwind Ads.

Lastly, we use this information and the power of our AI to create ad bundles that use relevant and engaging headlines and captions. We also use it to ensure we’re placing your ads in front of the most qualified audience, increasing the chance of them engaging and converting.

You can adjust these inputs anytime in the Ad Settings tab.

2. Review and Publish First Ad

Once Tailwind has generated your ad bundles using the information gathered during setup, you’ll be able to review and make changes before setting them live.

You can make changes to things like:

  • Headlines

  • Descriptions

  • Images

  • Links

  • Plus, you can create ads for new products anytime!

Once the ads are ready, simply select which ads you want to run and click Continue to set them live!

3. Tailwind Sends Ads to Meta

Once you set your ads live, Tailwind will publish them to the Meta account you connected during the setup process. This usually takes an hour.

After the ads have been published, you’ll see them show up as “Live” on the Dashboard tab.

The monthly budget will be billed through the connected Meta Ads account.

4. Ads Learning Period

After the ads have been published to Meta, Tailwind will begin automatically testing, learning, and optimizing to make sure your best ads are getting the most of the budget, helping to reduce waste.

We’ll start off by spending small amounts of budget to learn what is working, then ramp up spending as we begin to optimize. During this 3 week period of learning and optimization, you’ll notice results begin to improve.

We recommend against making any changes during the 3 week learning/optimization period, as this may extend the learning phase.

A few ways we automagically manage your ads:

  • Adjusting budget spend towards the best performing ads to ensure optimal return

  • Showing your ads at the best times when your audience is most likely to engage and convert

  • Placing your ads in the best locations across Meta

  • Reducing spend and eventually pausing ads that underperform to avoid wasting budget

And the best thing? Tailwind will be learning and optimizing for you 24/7!

5. Review Ads Performance

While your ads are running and Tailwind is working to make the most of your budget, you can periodically check in and see how things are doing as well as take a few actions that will help you get the most out of Tailwind Ads.

Ideally you’ll want to check in every couple of weeks and do the following:

  • Check on which ads are performing well

  • Note any ads that are performing poorly and may need a refresh

  • See what other products may be good candidates for ads

  • Increase your budget to help Tailwind learn more and scale your success

And that’s it! Tailwind Ads aims to act as your marketing team, helping you run paid ads so you can get back to doing the things that matter most for you and your business.

Have additional questions? Check out our FAQ and Best Practices to learn more! Or reach out to us at [email protected]

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