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How do I troubleshoot issues with Tailwind's browser extension?
How do I troubleshoot issues with Tailwind's browser extension?

Having trouble with the extension? Check out these tips!

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Oh-no! Having trouble with using the extension? Not to worry! These common solutions almost always fix things!

1. Remove and re-install the extension. Check out our article How do I install or remove Tailwind's browser extension? for instructions on how to first remove and then re-install the extension.

2. Clear extension cache. The second thing we suggest is to clear the cache, or previously stored versions, of the extension from your browser.

  • Clear cache in Safari: Navigate to the Safari toolbar > "History" > "Clear History", and in the pop-up box click "Clear History".

    We also recommend choosing "all history" from the "Clear "drop-down.

  • Clear cache in Chrome: Navigate to Chrome's Preferences and click "Clear Browsing Data", and in the pop-up box, select only "Cached images and files" and finally click "Clear Data".

    We also recommend choosing "All Time" from the time range drop-down.

  • Clear cache in Firefox: Navigate to the Firefox toolbar and select "History" > "Clear Recent History" > and in the pop-up box select only "Cache" and finally click "OK".

    We also recommend choosing "Everything" from the Time range to clear drop-down.

3. Disable all other extensions. Turning off all other browser extensions will make sure that there are no other extensions installed that might be causing interference.

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