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Why are my pins going to the Saved Tab instead of the Create tab?
Why are my pins going to the Saved Tab instead of the Create tab?

How to claim your domain and send pins to your Created tab!

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Not only will these steps help make sure your pins are properly attributed, but they will help you increase your engagement!

In order for your Pins to publish to the Created tab, you must (1) make sure your account is a business account, (2) claim your domain, and (3) add a source URL directing to your domain

1. Make Sure Your Account is a Business Account

First, you'll want to convert your Personal Pinterest Account to a Business Account:

  • Click the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of Pinterest

  • Select Settings

  • Select Account Settings

  • Scroll down to Account Changes

  • Select Convert Account

  • Double-check that the email address is the one associated with your Pinterest personal account

  • Click Continue

2. Claim Your Domain

Make sure that you claim your domain on Pinterest. A quick way to confirm this is by the small checkmark next to your Pinterest name.

After you have finished these steps, you should now see the Pins populate in your Created tab, if your domain is claimed and the Pin source URL directs to that domain πŸŽ‰

3. Add a source URL directing to your domain

When drafting your Pin, you must enter a URL directing to your claimed domain in the Pin URL field.

If the URL directs to any other website, the Pins will not be displayed on the Created page.


  • I'm 'Verified' on Pinterest, but Pins still aren't showing on Created: Being Verified is not the same thing as having a claimed domain. Please make sure that you have claimed your domain since"claiming your website and verifying your profile are separate"

  • The Pins that I manually publish on Pinterest are showing on the Created tab, even without my claimed domain: Pins published manually on Pinterest will be added to the Created tab, regardless of the source URL or if your domain is claimed or not.

  • I am still having issues with my Pins being displayed on the Created page or I am experiencing different behavior: Tailwind sends the Pin image and data to Pinterest where they then decide where the Pin is displayed. Sometimes Pinterest changes its API and where it displays your Pins. Unfortunately, you would need to reach out to Pinterest help for further help.

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