For all new Pins published via Tailwind in January 2021, new Pin Creates received 3.6x as many repins as Saves of existing Pins. So how do you make sure your eye-catching pins make it to your Create tab? We have the solution!

Not only will these steps help make sure your pins are properly attributed, but they will help you increase your engagement!

1. Make Sure Your Account is a Business Account

First, you'll want to convert your Personal Pinterest Account to a Business Account:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of Pinterest

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Account Settings

  4. Scroll down to Account Changes

  5. Select Convert Account

  6. Double-check that the email address is the one associated with your Pinterest personal account

  7. Click Continue

Action Item: Personal to Business 💻

And ta-da! 🎉 You’ll now see your Business hub, where your Pinterest analytics and Pinterest ads info is displayed.

2. Successful Pinterest Accounts Claim Their Sites

80% of those consistently enjoying higher than average engagement rates had claimed their domains on Pinterest. Compare this with under 3% of the consistent under performers. This also ensures that your pins are properly attributed and going to your Create tab!

You can claim your domain here! 🙂

Simply click on your photo in the top-right corner of the page and select “settings” and go to Claim. The process is pretty simple, but you can learn more here.

3. New Images Generate More Engagement

For Pins saved via Tailwind in January 2021, making and sharing Pins with Tailwind Create resulted in 373% more saves than resharing existing content.

Action Item: Create New Pins Using Tailwind Create! 🖌️

It can take up to 15 minutes to create a Pin using common drag-and-drop designs tools. With Tailwind Create, we see that it’s taking members only 1.8 minutes on average to design each beautiful, on-brand Pin they share. That’s almost a 90% time savings!

Numbers don’t lie! Making these small changes can have a huge impact!

Want some more details? Check out our latest blog article on how to increase your engagement in 2021!

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