You are loving the pin templates the new Tailwind Create Tool has generated for you, but you've found yourself still wanting to make a few edits to the text, colors, photo placement and more. Have no fear.....ADVANCED EDITOR IS HERE FOR YOU!

To access the Advanced Editor, select the Edit button on the bottom left of each individual template.

On the left-hand side, you can choose to add Text, Elements, and Photos (Tip: to undo or redo any of these edits, see the Undo and Redo buttons to the top right of the Pin design).


Add a new Title, Subtitle, or Call To Action to your template! (Example: You can remove the previously added text and add a new one. Just click the existing text and then click Delete in the right-hand column or on your keyboard).

To edit the existing Text on your design, click the Text. Use the right-hand column to make detailed edits like Transparency, Font, Line Height, etc.


Add different Elements to your design to draw attention to a Call to Action button or photo. You can search for different Elements using the search field.

To edit an Element, click the Element on the design. Use the right-hand column to change the Color, Transparency or Duplicate.


To add a photo to the design, click to select an available photo, upload a new photo by clicking the Upload Photos square or click the Stock Photos tab to see even more photos.

To edit a photo, click the photo on the design. Use the column on the right-hand side to Crop the photo, Duplicate and/or Delete. You can also double-click a photo to quickly enter Cropping mode.

Once you are finished editing your Pin, you can download, go back to the Design Gallery, or save the design to your Saved Designs tab where you can use it again in the future.

If you'd like to Download your Pin to your desktop, select the Download Image button (Keep in mind that downloaded designs count towards your monthly limit).

To remove all edits and return to the Design Gallery, select the Discard Changes button.

To save all edits and go back to the template dashboard, select the Save and Go Back button.

To save the design to your Saved Designs tab and have it available to use again in the future, click the ♥ Save Design button in the top right of the screen.

Once you've completed your Advanced Edits and clicked the Save and Go Back button, the Pin will automatically be selected for you to Go Schedule. If you do not want to send that Pin to your schedule, click the blue Selected button to deselect.

We can't wait to see you grow and "CREATE" many beautiful pins in the future! Send a message to our Customer Success Team if you have any further questions at [email protected]!

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