Have you ever sat staring at your computer screen wondering how on earth you were going to turn all those content images into engaging content for your audience in the shortest amount of time, while also creating the most value for your social profile?

Well, look no further as Tailwind Create can help you streamline your social workflow for the fastest creation, publishing, and analysis available anywhere!

Table of Contents:

Accessing Tailwind Create

You'll want to start by clicking the Paintbrush icon in the navigation menu on your dashboard! You can also access Tailwind Create by selecting Create Designs on your homepage.

Select the social account you'd like to create content for. You'll be able to schedule designs across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Create or Update Brand Preferences

Just getting started? Make sure to set up your Brand Preferences! Brand preferences are unique to each social profile.

You can add your Website or Brand Name, select your two main Brand Fonts, Brand Colors and upload your Brand Logos to your Brand Settings.

1. Your Website or Brand Name

Any text you enter into this box will automatically apply to your Post images.

2. Your Brand Fonts

Search font names, browse fonts or upload custom fonts

3. Your Brand Colors

Click the + button to add a Hex or RGB code for your brand colors, or use the slider to find the color you'd like:

You can also choose from our seasonal and curated color palettes:

4. Your Brand Logos

Have a logo for your brand? You can upload it directly to Tailwind Create and your logo will populate on your created content. 😊 Just click the + to upload from your computer!

Creating a Design

After you've chosen your Brand Preferences, head over to the Design Gallery tab and get started on your design!

Add Photos

You can add photos to Tailwind Create in three ways. As you add photos to Tailwind Create, you'll see designs begin to populate.

  1. Upload directly from your computer

  2. Pull images from your website

  3. Browse our stock photo library

1. Upload photos directly from your computer with the Upload Photos option:

2. Want to create content directly from your website? Use the Site Photos option -- add your URL and Tailwind Create will automatically populate images:

Helpful Tip: If you use the Site Photos option, we will automatically use this URL as a destination link for Pins.

3. Need some photographic inspiration? Use our Stock Photos option! Select Stock Photos and then enter your search term -- the more specific the better!

Helpful Tip: When searching for Stock Photos, be specific. Example: Instead of Fall, search for pumpkins, football, fall candle, etc.

Add Text

Catch the eyes of your audience by adding text to your design. You can add a title, subtitle, and call to action (CTA):

As you edit your text, your changes will populate in your designs:

Select Color Palette

Your Brand Colors will automatically populate to your designs. If you'd like to change up the color palettes, click the Color Palettes drop-down menu:

You can choose any of our curated color palettes, or choose a palette that matches the main colors of the photos in your design.

As you make changes to the Color Palette, the changes will automatically populate to your designs.

Select Branding

Want your website name or logo on your designs? Select the Branding drop-down menu to add your website, brand name, or logo. Changes will automatically populate to your designs:

Sorting and Selecting Your Designs

Tailwind Create gives you so many designs for your posts and Pins it may be a little overwhelming. Not to worry! You can sort designs by category and number of photos to find the perfect post design.

Use the drop-down menus to sort designs by the number of photos or by category:

Found the perfect post? Click + Select to select the post to schedule, then select Review Designs at the bottom of your screen:

Once you've reviewed your design, select either Download to download the post to your computer or Schedule Designs to add the post directly to your Tailwind schedule:

Helpful Tip: You can also edit individual designs with our Advanced Editor. Read more here.

Select which connected social account you'd like to schedule the design to:

Once you select Confirm, you'll be able to finish out the details of your post and add it to your schedule:

Helpful Tip: Want to schedule the same design for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook? Check out these articles to learn more about designing and scheduling for multiple networks at once:

Have more questions or need help? Contact our Customer Success Team using the question mark icon in the bottom left corner of your dashboard, or email us at [email protected].

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