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How do I create designs with Tailwind Create?
How do I create designs with Tailwind Create?

Save time creating content and open your mind to all the opportunities with Tailwind Create!

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If you've ever struggled with creating engaging, valuable content in bulk for your audience in a short amount of time, try out Tailwind Create!

Tailwind Create can help you streamline your social workflow for faster creation, publishing, and analysis across the different platforms that we support!

Accessing Tailwind Create

You can access Tailwind Create by clicking on the Create tab on the left hand navigation bar of your dashboard or by clicking the 'Upload or Create Posts' button on your homepage/draft tab and selecting Create new designs.

Brand Settings

  • Brand Settings are unique to each social profile. You can add your Website or Brand Name, as well as your Fonts, Colors and Logos to your Brand Settings tab to align each design with your brand aesthetic.

  • For brand colors, you can add a Hex or RGB code, use the slider to find the color you'd like or choose from our seasonal and curated color palettes.

  • The recommended minimum sizing for logos is 200x200 pixels

Creating a Design

On the left hand column, you can add photos, text*, colors, and branding which will reflect on all of the designs in the design gallery.

*Note: if you don't add text, the Select button on templates might be greyed out. Simply fill in the title field.

  1. Add Photos: You can add photos by uploading from your computer, entering a URL to have it scraped for images, browse our stock photo library, or use ghostwriter to generate an image.

    If you use the Site Photos option and enter a URL, we will automatically use this URL as a destination link for Pins.

  2. Add Text: You can add a title, subtitle, and call to action (CTA) to the designs.

  3. Select a Color Palette: Create will default to your brand settings, but you can change the color palette to pull colors from a photo that you've selected or one of our curated color palettes.

  4. Add Branding: Add your website/brand name or logo to the templates

Helpful Tip: You can also edit individual designs with our Advanced Editor. Read more here.

You can also sort through templates by using the drop-down menus across the top of the design gallery to sort designs by the number of photos or by category/niche.

Scheduling or Saving your Design

Once you've found a design that you like:

  1. Click Select on the bottom right hand side of each template.

  2. A summary of the selected designs will appear on the right hand side, click Review Designs.

  3. From here, either Download the post to your computer or Schedule Designs to add the post directly to your Tailwind schedule.

Need More Assistance?

Check out these articles for more help on Creating and Scheduling with Tailwind:

Do you have more questions? You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by clicking the blue question mark in the bottom right corner of your Tailwind dashboard.

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