The wait is finally over! Tailwind now offers the ability to create, edit, and schedule your Instagram Stories. 🎉

Instagram Stories is a great tool that helps you capture and share all of the exciting and special moments throughout your day.

Note: Please ensure your mobile app is updated to the latest version for posting Stories!

Let’s get started with how to schedule Instagram Stories with Tailwind.

The best way to do this is by navigating to Your Grid and then clicking the Plus (+) icon to upload an image for your Stories post.

Once you've selected your image, you'll be able to customize your Stories post by adding a caption, hashtags, or emojis just like you would on a normal post!

Choose the time you'd like a reminder to post your story, and then schedule it!

Note: Stories can only be scheduled with the Push Notification method and aren't able to use Auto Post.

You can see your scheduled stories in the Plan Your Grid tab in the Your Grid section. If you want to, you can change the time, notes, or hashtags for a scheduled story by clicking it.

Tip: Make sure you have the Tailwind mobile app downloaded so you can post your Stories!

When it's time to post your story, you'll get a mobile notification. Tap the notification to open it.

Tap Post Now and then select Story when the Instagram app opens. Your notes and hashtags will be copied to your clipboard! Then you can paste them onto your story and add any stickers or other effects. Remember: Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hr! Try to schedule 1 or more day to stay active.

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