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How Do I Add a Location Tag on the Tailwind: Planner and Scheduler Mobile App?
How Do I Add a Location Tag on the Tailwind: Planner and Scheduler Mobile App?

Scheduling location tags on the go within Tailwind has never been easier!

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Note: Our mobile apps will soon be removed from the app store and replaced with our new SMS Reminder notifications

If you're using Auto Post with Tailwind you can add location tags to your images to be posted directly to Instagram.

Auto Post is required to take advantage of the location tagging feature, so you’ll need an Instagram business profile to get started.

Two simple steps to tag locations within the mobile app

As stated above, once Auto Post is enabled, you’ll be able to tag your locations within the mobile app. First, you'll need to create a draft post and craft a caption. Don't forget to use our nifty new hashtags in first comment tool 😉 

Simply tap in the “Add Location” field, then begin your search!

To make using location tagging even more effective, here are a few helpful tips!

Helpful Tip #1: Tailwind will remember your 10 most recently-used locations so you can spend less time searching for your commonly tagged places! To clear a location that has already been entered, click the X to the right of the location name.

Helpful Tip #2: Tagging locations on Instagram can help get your content seen by more people, so give it a try today!

Helpful Tip #3: Is your business location not appearing properly? We pull all locations from Facebook's location servers -- so make sure that your business page has your company location tagged properly!

Learn more about using tagging locations in Instagram with geotags in our blog post: 

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