Note: To take advantage of Tailwind's Auto Post method you must first Convert your Instagram account to a business account if you haven’t already.

When scheduling a post to Instagram through Tailwind, there are three options for what you want Tailwind to do when the time comes to Post.

You can choose to Auto Post to have Tailwind automatically publish to your Instagram Profile when the scheduled time comes.

Choose iOS Notification if you use the Tailwind for iOS app to receive a notification on your iOS device when it's time to Post. Simply tap the notification and follow the steps to open your scheduled Post in the Instagram app, where you can crop and add filters and tags! You will be able to quickly paste your caption and hashtags into the Instagram app and post!

The SMS Notification method works similarly to the iOS Notification method. You will receive a text message from Tailwind with the caption and hashtags for your Post. This method is ideal for Android users who don't wish to use Auto Post.

How to change your posting method

You can quickly set and change the posting method for all of your Posts on the Drafts page and the Scheduled Posts page of your Tailwind dashboard. 

On the Drafts page, simply click the posting method above the caption to choose how you want the image to Post.

In the Scheduled Posts page, you can change the posting method by clicking to the left of the scheduled posting time:

You can also check which publishing method your posts are scheduled with by hovering over the thumbnails in Your Schedule.

Helpful Tips:

  • Using Auto Post is the most convenient method, because you can post at any time, even when you're not available.
  • Your Instagram account must be a business account to use Auto Post. Personal accounts and Creator accounts can use iOS Notification or SMS Notifications instead.
  • Cropping within the Tailwind Dashboard is only available for the Auto Post method. If you wish to crop in the Instagram app, use the iOS Notification or SMS Notification methods.
  • Adding scheduled Location Tags (scheduling geotags) and scheduled User Tags is only available when using Auto Post, however, you will still be able to choose a location or user tag in Instagram when you post using a reminder method.
  • Automatically adding your hashtags to the first comment of your post is only available when using Auto Post.
  • Scheduling a video is only available for Instagram post scheduled with Auto Post. Don't have Auto Post yet? Find out how to set it up with our Knowledge Base article: How Do I Automatically Publish Posts to Instagram?
  • The SMS Notification and iOS Notification methods give you the most options, because you can add Instagram filters and tags, as well as crop the image using the Instagram app before you post.
  • The iOS Notification method requires you to have both the Tailwind for iOS app and Instagram's iOS app installed to work.
  • The SMS Notification method is ideal for Android users who don't wish to use Auto Post, or want to add Instagram filters and tags to their images.
  • If you want to use Tailwind to schedule Carousel Posts or Posts to your Story, you can use the SMS Notification or iOS Notification method to remind when you to post, and then add the appropriate content using the Instagram app manually.
  • Images uploaded for Auto Post will be automatically cropped to a 4:5 to 1.91:1 aspect ratio range before they are published.You can learn more about cropping in the Tailwind Dashboard in our Knowledge Base article: How can I crop or resize my Posts before they are published to Instagram?
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