Wanting to know how your account is performing over time? Head over to the Brand Profile Performance for Instagram report to measure your core Instagram metrics such as growth in Followers, Posts, Comments, and Likes for the last week.

  1. Go to the Profile Performance page (located in the pop-out menu in the left hand navigation).

2. By clicking on different metrics above the graph, you can see how your Followers, Posts, Comments, and Likes are growing over time. You can even hover over the graph with your cursor on any given day to get metrics for that specific day.

Let’s take a look at the numbers above the chart. The big bold numbers represent all-time to-date numbers. So, you can see exactly how many followers you’ve netted to date there.

The numbers in the green tag just below the big, bold numbers show you how that metric has grown across whatever time you have defined in the date range at the top of the report. If you’re on the Plus plan, this will be set to the last 7 days by default.

3. Just below these core Instagram metrics are your Reaction Score, Engagement Score, and Engagement rate.

Here you can see your current all-time score in bold, along with the how your score has averaged over the last 30 days so that you know how you’re currently trending. 

If you’d like to know more about these scores, check out the Knowledge Base Article, "What Does Reaction Score, Engagement Score, and Engagement Rate Mean?

Expert Tip: Lite, Professional and Enterprise Plans can export this report as a .CSV file for Excel to breakdown these metrics day by day and/or create your own line graph like the one above. 

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