Why are role-based email addresses an issue for marketers?

  • They're a prime target for spammers because they can be easily “harvested” off the internet.

    • Senders with a high percentage of role accounts on their list(s) are at a higher risk of getting blocked for using a “harvested” or purchased list.

  • It's difficult to prove each recipient consented to the contact as role accounts are typically sent to more than one person.

    • Explicit consent is required by law and our Anti-Spam Policy.

  • They're a trap -- role accounts are often used to blacklist users that get caught sending to spam traps.

    • Blacklist providers like Spamhaus will treat any email sent to these addresses as spam by default because they say it was obtained and used without permission.

  • They increase the risk of spam complaints that affect your sender reputation.

What are we doing about these types of email addresses?

We maintain a master suppression list of more than 400 common role-based addresses. This list is updated frequently to ensure our clients maintain a high level of email delivery.

Typical role-based email accounts include:

When someone attempts to send to a role-based email, these emails are automatically suppressed and do not get sent.

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