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Why did my email go to the junk folder or spam folder?
Why did my email go to the junk folder or spam folder?

Make sure your hard work makes it to the correct inbox ✉️

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Several different factors could impact why your email went to the junk or spam folder instead of directly to your subscriber's inbox.


  • Avoid overuse of spammy terms and text. Here's some examples:

    • 'Free'

    • Gambling-related terms

    • Too many exclamation points!!!

    • ALL CAPS

  • If you used our basic editor, make sure your Text version matches the HTML version of the campaign.


  • Your email should be a maximum of 40% images. We recommend several smaller images with clear, descriptive alternate text, and avoid having images touching. This will:

    • Prevent the inbox from flagging the email as spam

    • Encourage people to display the images in your email

    • Help keep loading times for emails fast

  • Your email should be no more than 60% text. Your text needs to include at least 400 characters to adhere to anti-spam laws.

Legitimate Sender

Make sure you are recognized as a legitimate sender.

  • Follow best practices for subscriptions and use a double opt-in process.

  • Test your sign-up form process by signing yourself up for your newsletter and see where the email lands in your inbox.

  • Make sure your recipients add your sender address to their whitelist or address book.

  • Make sure your recipients click on always display images from this sender, which will let the email service know you're a trusted sender.

  • Use your own website domain.

  • Authenticate your email address.

Do you have more questions? You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by clicking the blue question mark in the bottom right corner of your Tailwind dashboard.

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