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What are email click rates and what do they mean?
What are email click rates and what do they mean?

Leverage this data to improve your strategies and plan your marketing efforts!

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The email click rate is the percentage of people who clicked at least one link in your message.

When analyzing your email campaign's effectiveness, you should use the click-through rate together with other key performance indicators. The click-through rate helps you see which links are getting the most attention after your audience opens a campaign.

How are email click rates calculated?

Click Rate = People who clicked on a link / Number of unique opens

You should expect to see a click rate between 3% - 10%.

The following variables may influence your email click-through rate:

  • Purpose of the email: Make sure each email has a reason to be in their inbox!

  • Interest: Keep your campaigns targeted to ensure they get more attention.

  • Link location: Make links easy to find and click within your email body.

  • Amount of information within the email: Don't overload your audience -- short, succinct emails are the way to go.

    • When reading emails, people have an attention span of 15 to 20 seconds. Make sure you write the body of your email with this in mind and include a variety of links to resources outside of your email content.

What is the difference between "click on send" and "click on open"?

Clicks on sent/send represents the percentage of people who were sent the email that clicked through to a link.

Clicks on open represent the number of link clicks compared to the total number of people who opened the email.

Here's an example:

  • We sent a campaign to 196 contacts.

  • There were 47 people who opened it

  • Of the people who opened the email, 10 clicked on a link.

Here, the click on sent rate would be 5% (10/196) and the click on open rate would be 21% (10/47).

To get additional details about which of your contacts clicked on which links, check out this article.

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