The email click rate is the percentage of people who clicked at least one link in your message.

When analyzing your email campaign's effectiveness, you should use the click-through rate together with other key performance indicators. The click-through rate helps you see which links are getting the most attention after your audience opens a campaign.

How are email click rates calculated?

Click Rate = People who clicked on a link / Number of unique opens

You should expect to see a click rate between 3% - 10%.

The following variables may influence your email click-through rate:

  • Purpose of the email: Make sure each email has a reason to be in their inbox!

  • Interest: Keep your campaigns targeted to ensure they get more attention.

  • Link location: Make links easy to find and click within your email body.

  • Amount of information within the email: Don't overload your audience -- short, succinct emails are the way to go.

    • When reading emails, people have an attention span of 15 to 20 seconds. Make sure you write the body of your email with this in mind and include a variety of links to resources outside of your email content.

What is the difference between "click on send" and "click on open"?

Clicks on sent/send represent the percentage of people who were sent the email that clicked through to a link.

Clicks on open represent the number of link clicks compared to the total number of people who opened the email.

Here's an example:

  • We sent a campaign to 196 contacts.

  • There were 47 people who opened it

  • Of the people who opened the email, 10 clicked on a link.

Here, the click on sent rate would be 5% (10/196) and the click on open rate would be 21% (10/47).

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