Now on your homepage, you can see every piece of content set to be published for the coming week! Here is how you can start planning now. 🎉

Create an Instagram post or Pinterest Pin

To create a Pin:

  • Click the "Upload media" option at the bottom of the calendar.

  • Select your desired Pinterest profile.

  • Upload your content.

  • Once you've selected your media you can add a Pin title, description, board, URL and what time you would like to post. Once you're done, you can click "Schedule post" at the bottom of the draft.

  • Your newly scheduled Pin is now displayed on your calendar! 🎉

How to schedule an Instagram post:

  • You can use the same upload method we used for Pins or you can scroll above the calendar to upload media!

  • Select your Instagram profile and then select your post type.

  • Upload your desired media and then fill in your draft.

  • Once you're done, you can click "Schedule post" and now your Pins and posts are both displayed in your calendar.

Editing your calendar

Have a post or Pin that needs to be changed or removed? Just click on the post to reveal more options!

Editing, unscheduling, or deleting a Pin or post

Under both Pins and posts you are given three options. The pencil icon takes you back to the draft to edit or change anything about the post.

The watch that is crossed out will send the post back to your drafts page.

Lastly the trash icon will completely remove the post.

Pro tip: There is not a confirmation option, so make sure you really want to delete the post before clicking!

Failed Posts/Pins:

Sometimes your posts or pins can fail, but we always tell you why!

  • You can see all failed or missed posts by clicking the “Failed/Missed Posts” button in the top left corner of your calendar.

  • Here we will show you the failure reason and will allow you to either send the post back to your drafts or delete the post altogether.

Filtering your calendar

Only want to see what Instagram posts are going out this week? You can click the filter button in the top right corner of the calendar to view only certain profile content!

Pro tip: You can click the today button to bring you back to today's scheduled content!

Now you're ready to schedule and view your content like a pro! Isn't it nice to see your whole schedule for the week? 😉

Do you have more questions? You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by clicking the blue question mark in the bottom left corner of your Tailwind dashboard.

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