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How to Schedule Pins from Pinterest using Tailwind's Mobile App
How to Schedule Pins from Pinterest using Tailwind's Mobile App

Always on the go? Schedule Pins quickly and easily using Tailwind's mobile app!

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Note: Our mobile apps will soon be removed from the app store and replaced with our new SMS Reminder notifications

Scheduling content on the go is easy with Tailwind's Mobile Scheduling App! While you can't create new drafts with the mobile app, you can schedule Pins from Pinterest.

Grab the Tailwind: Planner & Scheduler mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store

  1. In the Pinterest mobile app, tap any pin you’d like to schedule to bring it to full view. (Or you can tap and hold on a pin to bring up the Share button!)

  2. Tap the "Share" button.



3. You'll want to find the Tailwind app to share, so tap “More Apps” to bring up another list to select from. 

4. Then select "Tailwind" as shown below. However, if you still don't see it, you may need to scroll all the way to the right and select "More," then look for the Tailwind app there. 



5. Next, you'll need to select the image you want to schedule, then add the Title, Description, and Boards you want: 

6. Finally, you can choose to either schedule the Pin(s) for the next available time slot or send it to your Draft page to follow up on later.

And done! You've successfully added Pins directly from Pinterest to your Drafts or Queue! 

Do you have more questions? You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by clicking the blue question mark in the bottom right corner of your Tailwind dashboard.

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