Looking to keep your Instagram descriptions clean and clutter-free? When using Auto Post with Tailwind for Instagram, you can have your hashtags automatically post in your first comment! 

Please note that Auto Posting hashtags in first comment is only available for Instagram accounts with Auto Posting enabled. Learn how to enable Auto Posting here!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Auto Post hashtags in your first comment on Instagram!  🎉

  • Separate hashtags if you’d like to keep a few in your caption and add the rest to your first comment. 👍

Here’s how to make hashtags Auto Post in your first comment on Instagram:

1. Upload your image or video, craft your caption, and then type the # symbol to get predictive hashtag suggestions.

2. Click on your desired suggested hashtags or add your frequently-used hashtags from your Saved Hashtags list. 

Once you add hashtags to your Instagram caption in Tailwind, you’ll see a brand new checkbox which allows you to move your hashtags from the end of your caption to the first comment on the post!

3. Check the Post hashtags in first comment box to move the hashtags from your caption to your 1st comment.

4. Click Add to Queue to automatically schedule your post for the best time.

Congrats! You now have your hashtags ready to Auto Post in your first comment! 🎉

Would you like to keep some conversational hashtags in the description? No worries! We’ve got you covered! 

Only the hashtags at the END of your caption will be moved to the first comment when you click the checkbox. 

  • To keep conversational hashtags in the description, simply make sure you have text after the hashtag you’d like to keep! 

Want to learn more about hashtags? Learn more about Tailwind’s Suggested Hashtags feature, The One Instagram Hashtag Strategy That Works for Anyone, or check out our Instagram Blog to take your Instagram game to the next level! Happy posting! 

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