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Can Tailwind delete Pins from my Pinterest Profile on my behalf?
Can Tailwind delete Pins from my Pinterest Profile on my behalf?

Find out more about whether or not you should remove underperforming or out-of-date Pins from your Profile.

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As an official Pinterest partner, Tailwind does not have the ability to delete Pins on your behalf. In fact, we, along with Pinterest, recommend that you generally never delete Pins!

There are a few reasons why deleting underperforming Pins is a bad idea:

  1. Sometimes it takes a while for a Pin to gain exposure and engagement. In fact, we have seen Pins languish for weeks or months, only to take off later – and continue to deliver traffic for years. Delete it too fast, and you missed your chance

  2. A Pin with low engagement will not hurt the exposure of your other Pins. Each stands on its own in search (one caveat – repeatedly saving low-performing Pins that don’t resonate with your audience will hurt your account over time).

  3. The vast majority of Pinterest activity takes place in search.  People are not likely to browse your boards regularly, and should they do so and notice that you have a duplicate or two, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have a product that is no longer available, rather than deleting the Pin, either redirect that page to another page on your site with a listing of similar products or edit the page where the item used to be available and point people to other similar items or a category of similar items.

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