How do I send a scheduled Post or Pin back to Drafts?

Not ready to publish yet? No problem! Easily send your posts back to Drafts right from your Homepage.

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Once you’ve scheduled a Post or Pin, you can still change your mind and move it back to your Drafts page if you aren't ready for that post to be published. Drafts don’t get published -- they'll stay on your Drafts page until you're ready to schedule them.

1. On your Homepage, scroll down to Your Schedule, where you'll be able to see a weekly view of your scheduled Pins and posts for all of your social accounts connected to Tailwind:

2. Click on any Draft in your schedule and select the clock icon to Unschedule the post:

3. You'll be able to view the posts or Pins under the Drafts tab (located in the left-hand navigation) once they have been Unscheduled:

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