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Understanding the Community (All, New, Yours, Shared, Skipped) Tabs
Understanding the Community (All, New, Yours, Shared, Skipped) Tabs

Learn about how all of the Pins from your Communities are organized into these five tabs.

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As you interact with Communities, you may notice that Pins move to different tabs depending on how you interact with that Pin. Although this may seem confusing at first, these tabs are designed to keep your Pins organized.

Here is a quick breakdown on what these different tabs mean, and how they will help you stay organized.

The All Tab

You will be able to see all of your content, from all tabs, in the "All" tab. Come here to see all the activity going on in your Community.

The New Tab

The "New" tab is going to show you any new content added to the Community added by other members to the Community.

From here, you can either Share or Skip Pins. When you do, that content will automatically move into the "Shared" or "Skipped" bucket to keep the Community feed organized for you.

The Yours Tab

This tab is going to show you the content you've added to the Community. When you contribute content to the Community, your content can always be found her in the "Yours" tab, neatly organized in one place.

Note: When everyone else views the Community, they will see your content in their "New" Community feed. Your content will ONLY show up in this tab for YOU!

The Shared Tab

Once you schedule content, the Pins will be moved into the "Shared" tab. Here you will find everything you've ever shared from this Community.

The Skipped Tab

If you have new content that you're not interested in sharing, click on the "Skip" button that appears on the bottom-right corner of the image. Any content you skip will then be available here in your "Skipped" tab.

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