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What is the difference between a Re-share, Repin and Reach?
What is the difference between a Re-share, Repin and Reach?
Learn about these terms and see how your Community has been adding to the engagement of your content.
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What has this Community done for you lately? In your Community we'll give you the number of Re-Shares, Repins, and Reach to find the activity and engagement YOUR content has received from all of the other members of the Community!

Helpful Tip: Hover over each metric for an explanation of what each metric means in case you forget.

1. Re-Shares

The number of times that your Community members have shared your content. In other words, this is how many times someone has scheduled and published your content from this Community. A lot of Re-Shares (not just including rule based sharing) is a really good indicator that you've been contributing quality content to the Community!

2. Repins

The number of Repins generated from all the re-shares of your content. It can be helpful to see how much engagement you are getting from the content your Community members have shared and if that content is resonating with their audience.

3. Reach

The number of Potential Impressions from all Re-Shares of your content on Pinterest. Potential Impressions are measured by the number of Pinterest followers a Pinner has multiplied by the number of times they have Pinned your content. This number represents how many times your content may have surfaced in front of fans after being Pinned. The more Influential each person who Re-Shares your content is the larger your Potential Impressions (Reach) will be.

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