Need to re-create a brand new Smart Schedule from scratch? With the Generate New Smart Schedule tool, we'll generate new optimized Timeslots for you using your Pinterest data to determine when your audience is most likely to be engaged. Choose the number of times you want to post per day on average, and we'll use that number to generate a new weekly schedule for you! However, the number of Timeslots created per day may not match your preference exactly because we may find that certain days of the week are stronger for your account than others. In that case, we'll create more Timeslots on those days

Learn more about our Optimized Timeslot Data in our Knowledge Base article, "How are Recommended Timeslots created?"

  1. Go to the Scheduled Posts page (located in the pop-out menu in the left hand navigation). 

2. On the left side of the page, click Recreate Schedule for your general queue or SmartLoop schedule that you'd like to change.

Helpful Tips:
•  All of your existing Timeslots will be replaced.
• Currently scheduled posts in your calendar will NOT be changed or affected. 

3. Enter the amount of timeslots you want per day, or how many posts per day to be published and click "Generate New Schedule." 

Helpful Tip: If you have SmartLoop timeslots on your schedule, you will want to take them into consideration when selecting the amount of pins per day. (For example - If you want 20 pins per day, but have 8 SmartLoop timeslots then you will want to publish 12 times per day.)

4. Ta-da! A new schedule has been created for you, easy as that. If you'd like help re-arranging your currently scheduled pins that were not changed with the new timeslots, check out our Knowledge Base Article, "I removed timeslots, but I still have extra Posts scheduled?"

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