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What is the difference between an 'open' and an 'implied open'?
What is the difference between an 'open' and an 'implied open'?

Have your contacts opened your campaign, but there are no statistics showing? Understand more about types of opens.

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An open is recorded when a recipient opens and downloads an image that is in your campaign.

To do this, a recipient must display all of the campaign's images at once. Tailwind registers an open each time an image is viewed, which can record multiple distinct opens per recipient.

Anti-spam filters can also record a series of opens over a very short period of time as they verify the integrity of your links.

An implied open occurs when a recipient clicks on one or more links in your campaign without having viewed or displayed any of the images.

Your contacts, who receive text versions of your campaigns and click on links, will be recorded as an implied open.

Be sure to inform your contacts to always click to allow all images to be displayed, and encourage them to add you as a safe sender to avoid any problems. You can see detailed reports about your campaign from the Contact Activity tab.

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