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How do I create a segment?
How do I create a segment?

Use market segmentation to target different categories of your customers.

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Segmentation is grouping your recipients according to their needs and the responses they have to a particular marketing effort.

Using segmentation methods like geographic, demographic, and behavioral you can tailor your lists to your specific needs and audience. This helps you increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts by learning which campaigns are most likely to earn a great response and the best way to brand your emails.

Here's how to create a segment in a list:

1. In the top navigation of your email marketing tab, select Contacts and choose your list you wish to add a segment to.

2. Open the Segments drop-down menu and click + Create segment:

3. Define your segmentation conditions. First, name your segment:

4. Segment your list based on your chosen conditions:

  • Contact ID: The ID number that is automatically assigned to contacts.

  • Email address: The address of your contact.

  • Added date: You can set rules based on the date your contacts were added. For example, before, after or on a specific date.

  • Email activity: Your contacts can be sorted by their email activity. For instance, when they received emails, what emails they opened, and which recipients clicked on the email.

  • Click activity: You can sort your contacts based on what email links were clicked.

  • Custom Attributes: You can add your own attributes based on your segmentation preferences.

5. Once you create your segment, you'll see the total number of recipients found on the list next to the segment name.

6. Make sure to click Save and Exit when you're done:

7. Once you've successfully created the segment, you'll see it available under your Contacts tab. You'll also be able to edit the segment name, rules, and view the number of subscribers:

Helpful Tips:

  • You may apply as many criteria or rules as you’d like to a given group.

  • You may also create as many groups as you want for any given list. This will help you separate and target users accordingly.

  • If you create groups based on a “Date” format must be: YYYY-MM-DD

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