What is SmartGuide? 

SmartGuide is an assistant feature inside of Tailwind. SmartGuide helps you improve the results of your marketing by recommending best practices; think of it like having your own personal marketing expert by your side!

Spam SafeGuard is a SmartGuide feature that helps members evolve their own marketing to take advantage of the latest Pinning practices for best results. Because best practices for social networks are frequently changing, you will see specific recommendations and tips change as we continue to partner with Pinterest to increase your success!

Initially, SmartGuide will:

  • Monitor your Pinning and alert you if your current Pinning frequency could reduce your overall reach or put your account at unnecessary risk

  • Suggest easy fixes to maintain a healthy queue of scheduled Pins

Over time, SmartGuide will:

  • Keep you up-to-date with the latest best practices on Pinterest (we’ll continue working closely with them as Partners!)

  • Provide easy, actionable recommendations on how to improve your strategy, maintain healthy Pinning habits, and make the most out of your Pinterest activity.

How Spam SafeGuard works

Spam SafeGuard monitors the frequency of your Pinning. When people first start marketing on Pinterest, they often assume that the more you Pin, the more results you’ll get. However, the opposite is actually true - the most successful Pinners publish closer to 15-25 Pins per day, on average! If you Pin far more than this, you’re exposing your account to unnecessary risk and hurting the distribution of your content on Pinterest. This leads to less engagement for your Pins and less traffic to your website! 

Spam SafeGuard will provide you with a notice if you’re Pinning excessively in a single day, if you have too many timeslots, or if you’re trying to send the same Pin to too many Boards. Pinning too much in one day can hurt your distribution, but Pinning the same image too frequently can, too. SpamGuard will help with that by providing alerts and tips as you create Interval Pins and manage your SmartLoop activity. 

If your current Pinning strategy includes Pinning outside the best practices suggested by Pinterest and SmartGuide, you’ll see notifications on your Smart Schedule, the Your Schedule page, in SmartLoop, and elsewhere in the app. Trust us, you won’t be able to miss it!

What if I want to Pin more than Spam SafeGuard allows?

In short, we don’t recommend Pinning beyond our suggested upper limit. This suggested limit was developed through extensive communication with Pinterest. Pinning at a high volume both exposes your account to unnecessary risk and hurts the distribution of your content. If you have already Pinned the maximum number of suggested Pins in a day, any additional Pins will be automatically moved to the back of your queue and scheduled at a later date.

For more information about Pinterest best practices, we recommend watching this Facebook Live video where Pinterest talks about this very topic!

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