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To create an account, does Tailwind need my Instagram login information?
To create an account, does Tailwind need my Instagram login information?
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Nope! Tailwind will never ask for your Instagram login information. We authenticate (or access) information about your account directly with Instagram. This helps keep your account safe and secure, and ensures your account will never be edited or updated without your permission.

 To make sure you're protected, look for a pop up like this one when signing into third party apps with Instagram:

You should never use any tool that ask for your Instagram username and password. Why?

  1. It's against Instagram's Terms of Use to give your login information to anyone else. If Instagram were to enforce this policy, your account could be suspended or deleted outright. Think of how sad it would be if all the hours of hard work building your account went to waste.

  2. Tools that store your username and password are likely to have little to no security standards in place. By giving such a developer your information you are making your Instagram profile, personal information, credit card data (via Instagram Ads) and other information easier for hackers to access. If you use the same password for other websites as well, this could be a big problem!

  3. Tools that ask for your username and password are breaking Instagram's rules. If they're willing to break the rules, you probably should not trust that they won't do other nefarious things like post to your account without permission, or sell your email or other data.

To be safe, always stick with an approved Instagram Developer Partner. Even if you don't choose Tailwind (we are a Partner), we'll sleep better at night knowing you went with another approved partner.

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